Thinking of a new LOS system?

Let LenderNet help you find the right solution

At LenderNet, we have a wide range of experience with Technology Acquisitions. Our tried and true approach to the process will help you dramatically improve the acquisition process and get the solution you really need, faster and for less money than otherwise might be the case.

Our experienced procurement team will work with you to:
  • Define requirements
  • Prepare a Request for Proposals (RFP)
  • Evaluate the commercial market
  • Evaluate vendors
  • Review proposals
  • Negotiate contracts
  • Manage the project

Although buying off-the-shelf software may seem faster and simpler than creating your own, sometimes you spend more than you need for a solution that does too much, or you get software that doesn't quite do what you need. If this is your case, then a custom software solution may be the answer.
Talk to us first and see if we can create software that does exactly what you need today and can evolve to meet the demands of tomorrow.

Custom software gives you complete control over your data. Try as they might, your employees will inevitably make data-entry errors. You can eliminate these with a custom software solution. You set the rules, we’ll help you increase efficiency and reduce error by creating business rules to automate the population of data where we can, and otherwise add data entry validation checks where we cannot. The end result is data you can bank on.

Custom software has a shorter learning curve. Because custom software is tailored to your needs, data entry forms, business workflow and reports will be familiar to your staff. Furthermore, your staff won’t need to work around screens or features that are simply not needed.

Custom software is flexible. The ability to implement custom software in stages, to complement or replace your existing systems, and to be updated as your needs evolve make it extremely flexible. And in the end, may be the right choice for you.

Are you up for the Challenge? Talk to us about your business goals and objectives, we’ll help identify areas where a custom software solution might be right. We’ll even help prepare an ROI analysis.

LOS Systems we can help you with

Black Knight Financial Services

  • LoanSphere Empower
  • LoanSphere LendingSpace
  • RealEC (Loan Quality Gateway)
  • MSP
  • Fiserv

  • MortgageServ
  • Velocity
  • EasyLender
  • Ellie Mae

  • Encompass